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Star Wars Autograph News Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Spring has arrived, bringing with it warm weather and even more private signings and convention announcements, plus one of the hosts added 12 new autographs to their collection since last week's show, and we have another great discussion topic. All this and much more this week on the Star Wars Autograph News Podcast.

Mar 17, 2021

Another big week of signings and convention appearances! Plus our recent autograph pick ups and our discussion this week centers around collecting autographs from the people behind the scenes. Want to win a free Star Wars autograph? Listen and find out how! 

Mar 9, 2021

A big week of signings, convention appearances and TTM returns! Our discussion topic of the week is crossing over our "lines in the sand" with our collecting. A fun topic that takes us to unexpected places. 

Mar 3, 2021

Another week and another wave of private signings to report. We also have our first major run of convention appearance announcements, run down our recent autograph pick ups and the hosts discuss how we feel about returning to conventions. All this and much, much more on this week's episode of the Star Wars...